Top 10 Most Dangerous Places In Nairobi

The city of Nairobi has some places in it where the using of guns and other dangerous weapons has turned out to be the norm.

In such places, murder, burglary, and aggravated assault roll into one leading to increased violence in the region.

Since safety is one of the most vital things people factor in when choosing a place to reside or visit, we bring you some of the regions in Nairobi where people usually pray day and night that nothing terrible comes upon them.

This  article is to get you well-informed so as to enable you avoid potential risk when exploring these areas.

10. Mathare 

In Mathare, everything seems normal, quiet and safe but once it is night, it turns into a terror zone. The area is home to most of the carjackers that operate in Nairobi.

Crime rate in this area have become so high that residents no longer leave robbers to chance. When a robber is caught, no one cares to hand him over to the police or any other authority.

The locals do the justice themselves so others would learn from the hard lesson. But shockingly, the robbers never learn.

9. Mukuru Kayaba

In this neighborhood, if you dress in nice-looking cloths, or put on an expensive perfume, they would assume you are rich and then attack you even without minding if you have enough in your pocket or not.

In fact, you will be treating yourself badly if you ever make the excuse of not having any money with you. 

They despise rich people severely, so looking as one makes you a target for attack. If you look rich and you don’t actually have any real money on you, then you are in for double trouble because the bad guys will certainly not believe you, no matter how much you swear.

You might end up being stripped off of your expensive clothes and jewelry and even your 100 shilling underpants won’t be an exception!

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