Top 10 Lies SA Women Tell Their Men that Will Shock you.

You love her, you adore her, and you totally trust her. However, South African gentlemen should remember that all women lie in certain situations.

Moreover, some lies are absolutely necessary to keep relationships going . SA women often lie because they are not ready to speak about some things.

Here are the top 10 lies SA women tell their men.

10. I’m fine.
If a South African woman says, especially in a super sharp tone, ‘I’m fine’, it definitely means ‘Of course, I’m NOT fine’. The main problem is that most SA women think men know this, but mostly they are just clueless.

9. I don’t mind paying.
If a man invites an SA woman for a date, she certainly expects him to pay the bill. If a man steers away from paying, he will look cheap. Moreover, it may even “kill” the date as no woman likes greedy men.

8. I don’t mind watching sports with you.

Many SA women very often want to do something they are not fond of just to see men smile. A woman can even lie in order to build a sense of mutual understanding with a man and what he likes. But in a little while, women’s enthusiasm disappears and it gets more difficult to pretend.


7.  I’m not ready for a relationship now.
If an SA woman wants to be with a man, she will definitely make the time for it. But if she starts to avoid her boyfriend or tells him stories about being busy and needing her space, it’s an obvious sign that she is not interested in him.

6. I’m not mad.
During a quarrel or a fight with their men, most SA women usually use a final argument “I am not mad!” just to save the relationship. Most SA Ladies usually say it because they expect men to apologise for what happened. It is necessary to wait for things to calm down and then solve it.

5. I don’t mind you flirting with other women.

Most SA women have a traditional attitude towards a relationship, so they would hate to see a man flirting with another woman. In spite of that, sometimes women control their emotions and ignore those glances a man passes to other woman.

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