These are the 20 most expensive schools in South Africa in 2018

Article Source: Businesstech.

Despite a stagnant economy and expectations for subdued growth in 2018, parents are still prepared to pay exorbitant fees to ensure their children have access to the best education they can afford.

Having adjusted their fee structures for 2018, South Africa’s elite schools are now more expensive than ever. Notably, when BusinessTech first published a list of the most expensive schools in 2014, only one school (Hilton College) was priced over R200,000 for boarding and tuition – now in 2018, 17 schools have moved into that price range.

As it currently stands Michaelhouse is the most expensive school in the country, but is likely to be replaced by longtime leader Hilton college when that school publishes its official fees list later this month. It is followed by St Andrew’s College (Grahamstown) in third, Roedean School for Girls in fourth, and Kearnsney College in fifth.

Aside from the prestige, tradition, and beautiful facilities and grounds, the fees generally cover tuition, board, games, ordinary medical attention, the use of the sanatorium, library and laundry.


It also includes basic entertainment which is arranged for learners, and transport for sporting and other events.

It most be noted that most schools do not include additional fees in this amount. Additional fees can typically relate to various levies, such as IT and infrastructure, as well as further costs for food, extra mural activities and trips.

The fees listed below are as they appear on the various schools’ web pages, and cover tuition and boarding. Schools where the 2018 fees were not available show the 2017 fees and are indicated with a * . Fees are for the highest level of learning available, and do not include levies, admission fees, or optional extras.

Most expensive schools in SA 2018

Michaelhouse, Balgowan: R265,680

Hilton College, Hilton: R253,660*

St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown: R252,990

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