Top 5 Hottest Ugandan Female Celebrities At the Moment

When we say hottest, we mean the women who will make your jaw drop. The women who you will always just forgive regardless of how many times they wrong you. This list is not new, because these women have maintained it for not just one year, two, but more than three years. There names have appeared allover tabloids as Uganda’s Hottest Celebrities.

1: Anita Fabiola

This beauty started way back in her University days. Unwanted photographs of her were leaked but she held her head up high. Rumors were spread far and wide but she knows she is a Diva. Fabiola is a young lady who has the perfect curves, body size and pretty face to keep you dreaming all week. She was once a host of “Be my date” on NTV Uganda. but is currently an MC for various events and functions. She is also a brand ambassador, a former beauty queen and an actress. What more can I say?


She has the pretty face too

The hour glass

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