Top 10 Best Private Schools in Ethiopia 2019

Education in Ethiopia has been dominated by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church for many centuries until secular education was adopted in the early 1900s. Prior to 1974, Ethiopia had an estimated illiteracy rate well above 90% and compared poorly with the rest of Africa in the provision of schools and universities.

Here’s a rundown of top best private Schools in Ethiopia . Training has numerous difficulties and picking Schools is one of them it might appear like a tough errand.

The best choice is to peruse the most recent positioning of the Schools in Ethiopia. It will assist you in making the correct decision. Today we will inform you regarding the main best 10 private schools in Ethiopia.


10. British International School Ethiopia (BIS)

The British International School, Secondary Section occupies The Sherif Building on the Bole Ring Road 5 minutes drive from Addis Ababa International Airport. The Kindergarten and Primary Sections are conveniently situated in Gerji, also near the airport.

British International School Ethiopia (BIS) community includes students from more than 46 countries of the world, with a minimum age of 3 years  on September 1st.

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