10 Best-Paying Jobs In Uganda, Apart From Businessmen Or Politician

So what are the best-paying jobs in the Uganda? We’ve rounded up 10 careers that pay much more than you might think. But don’t expect to pull in a fat paycheck all at once. Keep in mind that you’ve got to work your way up. (Salary range estimates courtesy of Corporate Staffing Services.)


To be a pilot will draw some sweat from your body but the truth is, the course is highly rewarding. In Uganda, piloting is the only profession with the highest salary and job security.

A newly employed pilot in Uganda earns at least Ush 6 million while experienced pilot,who is a captain earns Ush 25 million.

Working at private aviation companies is the most rewarding because pilots earns on hourly basis.

One of the most discouraging thing about the career is that people from poor background have no chance in this career because of the high cost of training.


Software Engineer

It’s public domain that most careers in Uganda are flooded. To avoid this,an individual should at least pursue a degree in software engineering.

The few software developers in Uganda are smiling all the way to the bank,thanks to the many contracts they secure from the government and private sector.

The world has changed, so fast that people who thought technology will not take over are shocked. Software engineering is the future of the world.

In Uganda, an experienced software engineer, someone who is capable of developing applications, earns Ush 10 million-Ush 30 million

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